Referral Program

Know people who will benefit from the book? Cash in.

You bought the book. You read the book. You like the book. You think that others will benefit. You like to network. As I did with my previous book, I have set up an referral program for The Age of the Platform. The book would benefit the following groups of people:

  • Conference attendees
  • Universities and colleges, both at the undergraduate and graduate levels
  • Chambers of commerce
  • Employees
  • Other organizations

You’re a nice person, generous even. Like everyone else, you have bills to pay. How can you make money off of The Age of the Platform?

So, here’s the rub. Contact me, making sure that you select “referral.” Of course, people and organizations that purchase bulk quantities will receive hefty discounts of off the book’s $19.95 list price. However, there’s still room to help people who are helping me:

  • Referrals of 10-99 copies receive $.50 cents/per book USD.
  • Referrals of 100-499 copies receive $.75 cents/per book USD.
  • Referrals greater than 500 copies receive $1.00/per book USD.


  • While I sincerely appreciate all referrals, it’s probably not worth your time and mine for me to cut a check of a few dollars if you refer a sale of fewer than ten copies of the book to me.
  • Referral checks will be cut after book orders are placed and checks are received.
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