Known Issues with Book--updated October 20, 2011

“Art is never finished, only abandoned.”
–Leonardo da Vinci

I am using this page to track any problems and issues with the first printing of the book. These were corrected in 2012. I’ve done too many books to expect perfection on the first try, despite my team’s best efforts. I’ll update this as issues become known.

Page Issue
4 last sentence in 2nd paragraph, “Faceboo” should be “Facebook”.
138 on each of users – should be ‘on each of their users.’
154 On the one hand, companies such as General Electric (GE) are widely renown***should be renowned
170 third sentence in 3rd paragraph, “comapny” should be “company”.
195 Kristen Knipp should be Kirsten Knipp

Let me know if you find an issue so I can fix it. I would really appreciate it.

Updated 02.06.2012

These errors and a few other really minor formatting ones were fixed in the Feb 2012 revision. All future copies printed will reflect these changes.

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