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“These ideas challenge all of us to critically think about new organizational forms and give us the raw materials (planks) to start.”

–Terri Griffith, author of The Plugged-In Manager

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      Essential reading on the state of business today–and where it is going. Ignore this book at your own peril.”
–Adrian C. Ott, award-winning author, The 24-Hour Customer
      “Nothing short of a 21st-century business survival guide.”
–Mike Faith, CEO & President,
      “Exceptionally researched and written. A landmark book.”
–Jane Applegate, author of 201 Great Ideas for Your Small Business
      “An incisive look at people, companies, trends, and events that have done nothing less than redefine business and consumerism over the last decade. Simon has written an essential text for any business that aspires to successfully build and operate a winning platform.”
–Damien Santer, CEO, Praxis BT

      “Remarkably insightful. A must-read for anyone interested in creating change-tolerant organizations.”
–Robert Charette, President, ITABHI Corp.
      The Age of the Platform is not a light or easy book because business today is neither light nor easy. Through the book’s framework, Simon asks tough questions and makes readers think long and hard about whether their current business models meet the new realities of the 21st century.”
–Barbara Weltman, host of Build Your Business Radio and author of J.K. Lasser’s Small Business Taxes
      “Profound. Important. A groundbreaking text.”
–Jay Miletsky, Founder and CEO, MyPod Studios and author of Perspectives on Marketing
      “Finally, someone who gets it! In this powerful new book, Simon’s analysis and synthesis help businesses of all kinds understand today’s adapt-or-die business world.”
–Natalie MacNeil, Emmy Award Winning Producer at Imaginarius and author of She Takes on the World
         “Provocative and useful–a rare combination.”
–Amy Wohl, author of Succeeding at SaaS: Computing in the Cloud and Editor, Amy Wohl’s Opinions
      “As someone who pores over countless business books each year, his was a joy to read. Frankly, I can’t stand the overly long, formulaic books that have only a couple of new ideas in the first two chapters and then fill the rest of the book with ponderous examples that barely advance the thinking. The Age of the Platform makes points throughout and that makes it fun and worth reading.”–Brian Sommer ZDNet blogger and founder of TechVentive
        The Age of the Platform is the kind of book to read if you want to better understand the Internet and how your company can fit into it and create a business model to profit from it.”

–Anita Campbell, co-author of Visual Marketing. –Read the entire review here.

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